Skills for Learning

STEAM Skills for Learning

Pupils in the Enquirers Pathway of upper primary, KS3 and 4 are given opportunities to experiment, explore, create, problem solve and enquire through our STEAM based practical activity sessions. It is important during this time that pupils can choose an activity that promotes their interest and motivation. It will also create opportunities for some pupils in KS 4 to select activities that will introduce them to different experiences and prepare them further to consider what job skills they may need for the future. These sessions will also be used, where appropriate, to develop leadership skills in KS 4. Throughout these sessions there will also be an awareness of how this can support pupil’s mental health and well-being.

What is STEAM?
Science – Technology – Engineering – Art - Math

What are we trying to achieve through STEAM?

STEAM embraces the 4 C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

Why should STEAM be so successful for our pupils?

  • STEAM reflects real life - lessons are interdisciplinary: a combination of the five subject areas, it is project and inquiry based. These subjects work well together. We are teaching skills the way they will be used in the workforce, and the real world.
  • STEAM allows children to ‘let off steam!” by exposing them to the wonders of art and technologies – to think about how, by being creative, they can learn to relax and explore their artistic skills in a positive child centred environment. Children are often calmer and more relaxed as a result of being encourage to be creative.
  • STEAM aligns with the way we work and problem solve in our daily lives. Making it an exceptional way of instructing and learning.
  • STEAM is about learning how to think critically and evaluate information. How to enquire, apply knowledge, research and skills to problem solve. Skills need to be taught in an applied way, as part of a greater whole, rather than the traditional approach of individual subject silos.

This is an opportunity to do exploratory learning – to be creative, adventurous and allow pupils to ‘find their own way’ to solve problems and come up with ideas.


  • Pupils have the opportunity to choose and then understand the impact of making their choices.
  • Pupils develop resilience in learning new skills and working in groups with different adults and pupils.
  • Pupils have leadership opportunities.

Overview of Curriculum Area: Intent


Pupils access a range of STEAM activities that enable practical and exploratory learning opportunities. Pupils are encouraged to take part in a session that is of interest to them and going to challenge them to develop different skills.  


KS 4

Pupils in KS 4 are encouraged to take on leadership roles and choose activities that interest them and support development towards future opportunities.

Cross-curricular Links

How does support this?




This is an opportunity to enquire and to question through the blended approach to Science, Technology, Maths, Art and Engineering. Exploration through experimentation of what things are and how they work.   Consideration of different materials used and how these materials can be created or adapted to make movement.   How can movement change?

English Skills



We encourage the development of Speaking and Listening skills throughout all learning opportunities.

SaLT strategies are used throughout all learning opportunities (use of visuals, CiP)



The blended approach to these sessions will enable a wide variety of curriculum areas to be explored and touched upon and this will depend upon the activity or the project undertaken.

SMSC and

British Values


The awe and wonder of new experiences, working with different people and having new and challenging experiences. We talk about the wow factor when the pupils discover something new, learn a new skill and personally achieved success.

This area of the curriculum always significant opportunities to develop social skills through working with different people in school. There are great opportunity for pupils to work together collaboratively during exploratory work, to talk to others and for older pupils to become role models.

Cultural development takes place through the wide variety of new learning experiences that are explored and the opportunity to question and experiment.


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