School Uniform

School Uniform 

All pupils at Winchelsea School are expected to wear school uniform.  We believe that the school uniform helps to promote a sense of school identity and encourages pupils to take a pride in their appearance.                                           

Our uniform consists of: 

  1. Main Site School Uniform 
  • Plain royal blue polo shirt or PE polo shirt with school logo
  • Plain royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Plain royal blue fleece with school logo
  • Plain royal blue Hoodie with school logo - No other hoodies should be worn at any time.

 The above items must bear the school logo and can be purchased online from the school’s uniform supplier: 


Full, plain black appropriate footwear with no trimmings or add-ons.

  • Plain grey or black skirts, trousers or shorts. 
  • Blue and white striped or check dresses can be worn in the summer.
  • Plain socks appropriate to the uniform being worn.
  1. Physical Education Kit

A clearly named PE Bag containing:

Plimsolls or trainers (without black soles), one of the range of three PE shirts (Blue logo T-shirt or one of the two available polo shirts with school logo) and plain black/blue shorts (not tight fitting lycra), plain spare socks, blue/black tracksuit for colder weather.

PE kit should be worn on the days pupils have PE.

  1. Swimming Kit

A clearly named Swimming Bag containing  the following items and a swimming hat and towel in a waterproof bag: 

Costumes: We ask that boys wear swimming trunks which should not come below the knee and that girls wear a plain, appropriate, one piece swimming costumes. 

Goggles: Goggles will only be allowed if chemicals in the water may adversely affect your child’s eyes. Goggles should be made of unbreakable plastic or rubber materials and children should be taught to use them correctly and safely prior to their attendance at the pool.


Satellite Classes School Uniform 

Pupils attending our satellite classes wear the same uniform as the uniform worn at the host mainstream schools.  

Uniform required at our Canford Heath Junior School classes, can be purchased from:


Uniform required at our Kinson Academy, Old Town Infant School and Magna Academy Satellite classes can be purchased online from: 

Pupils at Kinson Academy may also wear Winchelsea uniform.  

 Further information regarding school uniform required to be worn at our Satellite classes can be obtained from the main school office


All uniform items must be clearly labelled with the child’s name.

Uniform Bank

The school offers a Uniform Bank which is looked after by the school’s Family Support Officer. The uniform bank consists of uniform held in stock from the previous supplier plus second-hand uniform donated by parents as well as certain new items of clothing funded by the Friends of Winchelsea School to ensure that the Uniform Bank can meet a broad range of requests. Requests will be made to the Family Support Officer by parents or by teaching staff and will always be handled sensitively. Items are available for a nominal donation.

School Uniform Policy

The School’s Uniform Policy has been updated following the recent changes made to School Uniform Guidance rules:

The principle drivers behind this update concerned the cost of school uniforms and that steps were being taken to keep costs down and to make second hand uniform available at an acceptable cost. In many ways, these requirements were very much in line with the approach the school has historically taken.