Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Structure

There is an identified process of long, medium term and short term planning and we follow a three year thematic cycle.  The whole school ‘Curriculum Provision’ document gives an outline of the provision in each pathway, this is supported by each pathway having an overview document, followed by the subject areas long term plan and then a more detailed Subject Content Plan in each curriculum area.  This is then adapted by class teachers to allow for progressive coverage of knowledge and skills.

Long Term Plans

Subject leads set out a long term plan to sequence the learning coverage in each curriculum area over each half term. 

Subject Content Plans

Completed by Subject leads for each half term they give detailed information about the knowledge and skills that are taught at each curriculum phase.  An outline of the learning intentions is described at this level which will then be used for medium term planning by the class teacher. 

Medium Term Planning

The class teacher’s overview of subject coverage over the half term period.  This is brief but gives the intended journey of the class over the 6 week period.

Short Term planning

This is completed on a daily/weekly lesson plan by the class teacher, it describes:

  • The learning objectives for the pupils involved.
  • How it is intended that these objectives will be achieved for different groups of learners, for example, how the learning objective will be shared and evaluated (introduction and plenary), how the learning objective will be delivered and differentiated as part of main activities.
  • How the pupil will be involved as part of planned activities, for example, how pupils will be involved in evaluation, how independence will be promoted, will they work in pairs or groups, and how adults will support them?