Anti-Bullying Week – 14-18 November 2016

This year’s Anti-Bullying Week takes place across the country from 14 – 18 November.

Organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, this year’s national theme is ‘Power for Good’ and aims to get children, young people, parents, carers and teachers to ‘power up’ and take action against bullies individually and collectively to create a safe environment where children can thrive.

anti-bullying-week-logoAn anti-bullying survey is undertaken with all Poole schools every year. The most recent survey showed that it was cyber bullying where schools had reported the most increase. The survey also revealed that half the schools which responded have peer mentoring schemes in place to help with friendship issues, whilst every school has a senior staff member who is an anti-bullying champion, with staff forums held every term.

Find out more on the Borough of Poole website: here.