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Expressing a preference for a school

You have a right to express a preference for the Local Authority maintained school you want your child to go to. This may be the school that your child is already attending.

The local authority will agree with your preference providing:

  • The school you choose is suitable for your child’s age, ability, and Special Educational Needs.
  • Your child’s attendance there will not effect the efficient education of other children already at the school
  • Placing your child at the school will be an efficient use of resources

You may also make representations in respect of seeking a place at a non-maintained independent school outside the Local Authority, although the Authority is not obliged to fund a place in one of these schools. The LA normally tries to make provision for children in one of it’s own schools. Deciding which school you would prefer your child to attend is a very important matter and we will be pleased to talk to you and provide you with additional information to assist you with making your decision.

You may wish to visit schools in order to familiarise yourself with the provision made by the Local Authority. You have 15 days in which to make any comments and express your preference of school you want for your child.