Pupils are at the heart of Winchelsea School.  The staff and governors feel it is important that, when telling people about our wonderful school, the pupils’ voices are heard.

Through a creative project led by Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) some of our pupils took part in a number of creative workshops where they explored the following questions:

* What do you like about your school? What makes it special?

* What do you do enjoy doing outside of school?

* Tell us about your journey to school – what do you see?

* Who works with you at school?

The pupils produced photos, illustrations, digital drawings, film and recordings that captured their thoughts and ideas. This work has formed an amazing content bank that can be used to create outputs for the multi- channel prospectus, which tells the world about Winchelsea School through the eyes of the pupils.


One of the final products of this wonderful project – our Prospectus Film, can be seen below.


Please see the links below to view the e-books about Winchelsea School created by some of our primary and secondary pupils.

Winchelsea For Me

What We Like To Do At Wincelsea School