Members of Staff

Members of Staff

Winchelsea School has a highly committed staff, with many years of experience supporting the complex needs of young people.  Listed here is the current staff (September 2016).  Please visit our jobs page if you would like the opportunity to apply for a post at Winchelsea School.

Head Teacher – Mr Geoff Cherrill
Assistant Head Teacher (Primary) – Mr Tim Parker-Smith

Assistant Headteacher (Secondary) – Mrs Melonie Searle

Middle Leadership Team

  • Miss B Taylor (Foundation Stage Leader)
  • Mr T Davis (Science & Technology Leader)

Curriculum Leaders & Class/Specialist Teachers

  • Mrs J Ray
  • Mrs E Teagle
  • Mr L Riviello
  • Mrs H Harrison
  • Ms H Hughes
  • Mr J Minton
  • Ms A Meachin
  • Mr J Kunzi (PE)
  • Mrs C Latimer
  • Mr A Henery
  • Mrs S Knowlton
  • Mrs N Skinner (Art)
  • Mrs A Newland (Music)
  • Mr A Dunnachie (Cover)
  • Ms G Brown (Outreach)

Behaviour Leader

  • Mr A Bradford


  • Ms M Boreham
  • Mrs N Dunn

Teaching Assistants

  • Miss J Gately    Mrs N Carberry    Mrs H Dixon    Miss D Jeff
  • Mrs S Willmore   Mrs J Snow    Miss S Riley    Ms E Rebbeck
  • Miss K Clark    Miss S Swyer    Mrs G Hackwell    Ms J Witt
  • Miss S Butler      Mrs N Jacques    Mrs P Curtis   Ms I Hill
  • Miss L Phillips    Mrs R Carr    Mrs M Fish   Miss A Morton
  • Mrs A Catford    Mrs A Cake    Ms R Barton   Miss K Watts
  • Mrs A Grant    Mrs G Simpson   Ms P McCallion   Ms Z Taylor
  • Mr C Gibbs    Mrs R Franks    Mrs L Larkins    Ms J Titley
  • Mrs J Fontaine   Miss J Houston   Mrs K Crowhurst
  • Mrs K Veal    Ms H Nolan    Miss S Rustici    Ms N Tinsley-Veale

Targeted Intervention Team

  • Mrs L Ralston (Senior Speech and Language Therapist)
  • Miss M Colmer (Speech and Language Therapist)
  • Miss L Bulgarelli (Speech and Language Assistant)
  • Mrs C Brown (Communication Assistant/Signalong Instructor)
  • Mrs K Davies (Literacy Intervention)

Administration Team

  • Mr S Coates (School Business Manager)
  • Ms A Cummins (Office Manager)
  • Mrs K Dredge (Annual Reviewing Officer)
  • Mr B Havelock-Pratt
  • Mrs Y Granger
  • Mrs S Miller
  • Mr G Broomfield  (IT Technician)
  • Mr G Rushton (IT Technician)


  • Ms J Atrill   Mrs M Snow     Mrs J Foster   Mrs C Evans
  • Ms L Aling    Ms J Graham    Mrs C Lody
  • Mrs E Stone   Ms P Pettifer   Mrs J Malone
  • Mrs M Rahman

Kitchen Catering Team

  • Mrs D Fitzpatrick    Ms D Planells    Ms K Griffiths
  • Ms J Bearne    Ms T Tiller

Site Management

  • Mr R Street